Dress Repairs

Did you buy a dress, just to find that it doesn’t quite fit, or the style needs a little something to make it yours? Have you been wearing that perfectly fitting dress for years, and are thinking that it’s gone out of style? Or, are you a newer dancer that is wearing a street clothes that are almost perfect for dancing, but needs a fuller skirt or something to give it that ballroom touch? Check out just some of the services we offer to help make that dress your perfect dance dress. Do you think your dress needs something, but are not sure what? We can work with you and your budget to design that special touch, by providing color sketches to your liking. No alterations will be done without prior consent. Not sure what your dress needs? We can help! Email info@freebodydesigns.com for more information.


Cost of alterations is heavily dependent on the dress, as some services require personal fittings, additional materials, or variable amounts of sewing. Please email info@freebodydesigns.com with an accurate description of the services needed along with pictures and/or videos in order to receive a quote.