Custom Costumes

Email us at info@freebodydesigns.com for a free consultation about your next custom costume. A non-binding $100 fee is required for costume design services. After designing, a quote for the full costume will be generated. For complex costumes, a 50% deposit must be submitted to begin ordering materials and creating the garment. The remaining 50% will be submitted upon completion, before the costume is delivered.

Repairs & Alterations

For quotes and additional information, email a description of the dress in need of repairs and/or alterations along with pictures or videos to info@freebodydesigns.com.

Bulk Ordering

Need multiple dresses, skirts, leotards, or something else for a production or performance? Utilize our services to create the perfect costume for your group. Adequate time must be given to complete each order; Free Body Designs, LLC reserves the right to charge a rush fee or refuse orders if the volume requested cannot reasonably be completed in time.

Questions & Inquiries

There are no stupid questions! If you want to order something completely different from normal, or just want to know if something is possible, feel free to drop us a line at info@freebodydesigns.com. If you have an idea for a design and want a quote, send an email and we’ll chat -- no commitment and no charge if you decide not to pursue it.