Dress Alterations

Do you have an old dress that needs some love? Perhaps some rhinestones are missing (or a lot!), a seam is ripping, the elastic is overstretched, or old feathers are falling off left and right? Some costumes that have been through years of wear and tear might just need need some minor sprucing up so you can look your best on the dance floor. Some costume malfunctions are dangerous -- like ripped trim at the bottom of your skirt that can easily be tripped on -- and must be fixed right away to avoid injury of yourself, your partner, or other dancers around you.

Not sure what your dress needs? Contact info@freebodydesigns.com to get a second opinion on what can be done for you, or to get started refreshing your dress. For dresses that need alterations to fit or style, see dress alterations.

Teams and Studios

For teams and studios that have many dresses that need repairs, contact info@freebodydesigns.com for quantity discounts and options.